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White Rose Tea Room


White Rose Tea Room for Cities Skylines.

White Rose Tea Room by dazflint

The third in my current series of European wall-to-wall commercial buildings (level 1, 1×1 to 1×4 size).

This lot uses a few more of my own, custom props – I think about half a dozen. But they’re all nice things, like a cute spotted kitty and an apple tree. For your trouble, you’ll be rewarded with a really beautiful, stylish lot to add some traditional English flair to your European city centres.

The White Rose Tea Room is the height of sophistication. Whether you come for Elevenses or High Tea, a quick coffee or a champagne luncheon, The White Rose Tea Room guarantees your complete satisfaction. Finger sandwiches and French dainties are served on delicate china plates, by our attentive waiting staff dressed in their traditional garb. Clotted Cream Scones are our speciality. When the weather is fine, enjoy your refreshments outdoors in our delightful walled garden.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): dazflint
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