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Wells Theater for Cities Skylines.

Who doesn’t want to go to the movies?

But tickets are SO EXPENSIVE, and so is that popcorn and soda. Wouldn’t it be great if they just had some cheap theater in town that didn’t overcharge on everything? Oh wait, we do now! Introducing the old yet new Wells Theater! It’s had several updates since it first opened, no longer using a 4:3 screen and now using a vertical screen! Of course that means tickets are cheaper, and since they microwave the popcorn (the old popcorn machine died ages ago), they charge next to nothing for it! They also have STEREO SOUND and the floor is no longer sticky!

And look at that! They even can show more than one movie!

Side Note: Yes, the movie text and illumination is a little bleh, but this is an efficient asset that you won’t be seeing forever compared to later theaters. And yes, the “Super Llama” is a reference to the theater from SC2013…

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Althazar
File Detail: 785 KB / ZIP
Download Wells Theater - modsup.com
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