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Variable Props – 4×1 LC2 Filler


Variable Props – 4×1 LC2 Filler for Cities Skylines.

Commercial / Low Density / Level 2 / 4×1 / Filler Lot

This filler lot grows as a construction site on 4×1, 4×2,4×3, and 4×4 Low Density Commercial lots. Commercial workers will be employed at the construction site. When the lot upgrades to the next level it will be replaced by a Level 3 building. There is no Level 3 construction site so when you get to level 3 buildings this will no longer appear.

Source Collection:

Variable Props – Filler Lots
Filler lots grow as a standard building, however, there is no building. Instead you will get empty space filled with a variety of props and trees. This adds a bit more variety to your city. The filler lots in this collection use up to 50 props and trees. Each time the filler lot grows, approximately 5-10 of these props/trees will randomly grow, creating a unique look each time.

Props Required

Many of the props used with this asset are from the default library of props. However, I am also using props from the Common Props and Trees Collection and it is recommended that you subscribe to all the props in this collection. If you don’t subscribe to this collection, it will still work, but there will be a few props/trees missing.

The Prop Probability Changer Mod by boformer was used. The user does not need to install the Prop Probability Changer mod to make use of this feature.

Check out the More Better Buildings Collection collection for more assets such as this.

Credit(s): Forkboy22
File Detail: 417 KB / ZIP
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