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UK Pub – The Telstar


UK Pub – The Telstar for Cities Skylines.

The Telstar Pub by garyreggae

A community pub with two bars and a small garden/patio area. A very popular place for residents to spend their leisure time. This will grow as a 3×3 Commercial Leisure specialised lot (or maybe it should have been generic commercial).

This is my first ever building for this game but hopefully not the last! I have a few more pubs in the pipeline and then some other UK style buildings such as high-density residential flats, high density shops and some more leisure/tourism.

I have used some of Rik4000’s excellent UK props from the Workshop for the wheeliebins, TV aerials and satellite dish – thanks!

I’d be delighted to hear any comments or suggestions in order to help me with future asset production and probably an improved version of this one in time.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): garyreggae
File Detail: 872 KB / ZIP
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