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UK Pub – The Holly Bush


UK Pub – The Holly Bush for Cities Skylines.

UK Pub – The Holly Bush

This is an ongoing project and is part of my UK Terraced housing / commercial collection so be sure to keep your eye out for more houses, pubs, shops and other interesting stuff :). This asset is AFTER DARK READY.

Building Info:

Type : Growable
Size : 4×4 layout
Density : Low Commercial
Level : 1

Do these houses require any props?

Well they don’t technically require them but they look better with them. I’ve added the props to the required items

Model Info:
  • 787 Polys
  • 1,817 Tris
  • 1024 Texture res (diffuse, Normal, Specular, Colour, Illumination)
  • Custom LOD (135 tris)
Additional Info & Thanks:

I really hope you enjoy using these assets and i hope they are making your cities look a bit more UK like, If you do like them, it would be great if you could rate them up

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): rik4000
File Detail: 1 MB / ZIP
Download UK Pub – The Holly Bush - modsup.com

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