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The Shady Tree Right


The Shady Tree Right by MrMaison

Update 1/30/2016: I fixed the title issue so the tree should show up in all existing assets in older cities.

UPDATE 1/29/2016:
Since After Dark, this tree was rendered to look very different from it’s original state. The lighting and shadows of the foliage changed to a lower quality look. It is now updated to look as intended close to the original by tweaking vertex normals.

Special thanks to Shroomblaze who not only brought this technique to my attention, but also helped with fixing the mesh.

Also now you can enjoy in game icons with this…finally!

2,241 tris
1024 texture for clarity.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): MrMaison
File Detail: 1.2 MB / ZIP
Download The Shady Tree Right - modsup.com
Best Cities Skylines Mod portal; www.skylinesmods.com


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