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Sonic Drive-In


Sonic Drive-In for Cities Skylines.

The 1950’s were a great time for car travel. The US Interstate highway system was being built, car designs were inspired by the Space Race, and drive-ins were a thing. Drive-ins were very popular and was a sign of a good time for many (just watch out for the school bully). Today drive-ins lost much of their popularity but you can still catch that 50’s feeling by going to Sonic! Sonic is an American fast food chain based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To order just pull into one of the stalls and press the red button. Or you can take the drive-thru or eat on the patio. Only down side to this asset is that the cims working here won’t use roller skates.

RICO Enabled
Size: 4×4
Level 2 Commercial
Custom LOD

by Cristolisto

Credit(s): Cristolisto
File Detail: 1.1 MB / ZIP
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