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Red Hawk Elementary Kindergarten


Red Hawk Elementary Kindergarten Education for Cities Skylines.

The Red Hawk Kindergarten building contains the same number of classrooms and students as the default Elementary School, but the service area is 1/5th the size. Use it in conjunction with the Elementary School or the Red Hawk Elementary Gymnasium to expand student capacity with less capital investment.

To make up for the small service area, it’s playground also serves as a small park for the local children.

Structure Family Comparison
Build Cost Maint. Cost Edu. Radius Student Count Special
Default 10,000 1,000 500 300 None
Red Hawk Elementary Kindergarten 12,000 950 100 300 Small Park Effect
Red Hawk Elementary School 19,000 2,000 1,000 750 None
Red Hawk Elementary Gymnasium 15,000 250 1,500 75 None
Structure Specific Details

This building requires boformer’s Sub-Buildings Enabler mod.
The primary structure will flatten ground, the subbuilding base will conform to terrain.

Building Sub-building
Template Elementary School Small Park
Dimensions 6×5 Tiles 6×6 Tiles
Tris 1,049 216
LOD Tris 87 8
Texture Res 1024×1024 512×512
LOD Texture Res 128×128 64×64
Diffuse Yes Yes
Alpha No No
Color No No
Illumination Yes No
Normal Yes Yes
Specular Yes Yes
Custom Icon Yes N/A
This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Badi_Dea
File Detail: 2.3 MB / ZIP
Download Red Hawk Elementary Kindergarten - modsup.com

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