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Quick [LDC Lvl 2]


Quick [LDC Lvl 2] for Cities Skylines.

Now updated for day/night cycle !

Description (Wikipédia) :

Quick Restaurants NV/Quick Restaurants SA is a chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium. Founded in 1971, it is one of Europe’s first and largest transnational fast food restaurant chains.

In recent years, its worldwide expansion has accelerated. Quick is similar in theme to McDonald’s and/or Burger King. In 2007, it was taken over by the French government’s investment holding company, CDC, which controls 94% of the shares as of November 2013.

As of 2015, there were 379 Quick restaurants in France, 100 in Belgium, 9 in Luxembourg, 7 in Russia and 1 in Tunisia.

Game Info :
– 3×3 (Expandable to 3×4) Low Density Commercial building
– Level 2

Technical Info :
– 583 tris
– 512×512 diffuse, specular and illumination textures
– 0.9 mo

Made with :
– Blender

Credit(s): Khopa
File Detail: 323 KB / ZIP
Download Quick [LDC Lvl 2] - modsup.com

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