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Pres Wine and Liquor


Pres Wine and Liquor for Cities Skylines.

Pres Wine and Liquor by KingLeno

Get all of your spirits and alcohol at deep discount prices at Pres Wine & Liquor. In addition to being the only place you can purchase the exclusive Falcon Falls Vodka, it’s the only place on the Steam Workshop where you can buy a bottle of liquor at all.

I wanted to give a very special shout out to Pres, but this is the best I could do. I dunno if he even drinks at all, so this might not be the most appropriately titled asset. I just hope he’s not an alcoholic lol, but he’s been a really big supporter of mine! Thanks!

Low Density Level 1 Commercial with 10 workplaces with RICO. This will be the first building in a new shopping center collection.

Credit(s): KingLeno
File Detail: 835 KB / ZIP
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