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Pink Pony Pub for Cities Skylines.

Having fun at the beach? Need a little drink to cool off? Well then come on down to the world-famous Pink Pony Pub! Based on the real-life location in Gulf Shores, Alabama, the Pink Pony Pub serves up food and drinks right on the beach, so you can take a break then get right back to the waves. Stop on in!

The Pink Pony Pub is a 3×3 lvl 2 low-density commercial building, and is designed to fit well into tropical maps (though any map will benefit from this location!). After Dark compatible!

This is my first attempt at uploading an asset, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking it out, and hopefully subscribing! <3

Credit(s): birb_ebooks
File Detail: 646 KB / ZIP
Download Pink Pony Pub - modsup.com

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