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Petrol Station for Cities Skylines.

Its the default 1X1 petrol station building but on a larger lot so the cars can actually pull up next to the pumps. It will spawn on 2X2, 2X3 and 2X4 lots. If it is on a 2X2 lot it will have the petrol station itself with some advertising signs. If it is on a 2X3 lot it gains a row of parking spaces at the rear. On a 2X4 lot it also gains a substation and billboard behind the parking spaces. It will spawn in red, green, black and yellow. It is a level 1 low density commercial building, but you can use the building themes mod if you want it to spawn on other levels.

Added some lighting for After Dark.

Credit(s): Sparky66
File Detail: 332 KB / ZIP
Download Petrol Station - modsup.com

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