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Patisserie Nos Macarons


Patisserie Nos Macarons for Cities Skylines.

Patisserie Nos Macarons by dazflint

OMG! The asset editor and content manager both got *really* buggy after update 1.1.0

I’ve battled the elements to bring you this, the very finest Patisserie in all of Cities:Skylines.

Patisserie ‘Nos Macarons’ is most famous for their colourful macaroons, of course. It’s also a great spot to take a coffee and a croissant on a lazy morning… Chill out in the English-style walled garden, complete with heritage peach roses. Did you spot the resident cat sat on the wall? He helps keep the mice out of the cellar!

This is a 1×1 wall-to-wall or ‘European’ style, High-density Level 1 Commercial building.

I highly recommend the ‘eye-dropper’ mod and ‘restrict buildings levels’ mod, so that you can plop this and other commercial buildings where you need them, and then protect them from further development. But that’s just my gameplay style… In any case, you should see ‘Nos Macarons’ pop up often whenever you zone small (1×1 > 1×4) commercial zones. Looks great at the end of a street!

Look out, I plan to release the same building in a variety of skins (English tea rooms, bespoke jewelers, etc. etc)


This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): dazflint
File Detail: 1.8 MB / ZIP
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