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Palace Cinema for Cities Skylines.

The Palace Cinemas are part of the Barracks redevelopment in Brisbane, Australia. It Has a multi-storey licenced cinema upstairs, with panoramic views, and a retail arcade on ground floor. This is a growable leisure commerce building on a 2×4 plot. This was my first go with a normal map and I’m pretty chuffed with the outcome. Its a bit small next to my Barracks office building but I wanted it to be growable. Brisbanites with keen eyes will notice that it’s stretched a little tall. Sorry ’bout it. Had to because of how tiny the plot is. When it was to scale the doors where about 1/2 cim height.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Banquo_til_Cawdor
File Detail: 937 KB / ZIP
Download Palace Cinema - modsup.com
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