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Open Coal Mine


A tiny version of the real thing as I had to stay within the 4×4 for growables. When it spawns you’ll see a blue square as the land under it is gone. This also means that sometimes around the edges it creates a little tear in the world (blue area) when on hilly terrain. It looks surprisingly good on hills, which I’m very happy with. The probs vary a bit thanks to the Prop Probability Mod by boformer, so they aren’t all the exact same.

Update 9/6-17: I finally fixed the weird concrete sides! It was an easy fix, I just never got around to it until now, but better late than never. It incresed the tris by about 30, which means it now looks much better on uneven terrain and doesn’t tear the ground open as much.

Tris: 243 (without props)
LOD tris: 100

Required Mod(s):

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Avanya
File Detail: 1.7 MB / ZIP
Download Open Coal Mine - modsup.com
Best Cities Skylines Mod portal; www.skylinesmods.com


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