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Om-Nom Joywheel L1 (re-upload)


Om-Nom Joywheel L1 (re-upload) for Cities Skylines.

lvl1 4×4 (?) HDC based on Tom Martow’s vertical farm commercial.
“In this ‘fine asketic dining’ restaurant and asian-style roofed-market you can reflect on the interdependence of form and emptiness creating the ecstasy of existence and feel like reborn afterwards. You don’t have to eat in the shaky cabins if you get sick easily, but some Yogis call it a challenge!”

Does not grow into the same thing, sadly. Working on that, though, too (too few bodies and brains for all the things to do!). Help, info and ratings appreciated!

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Thokari, forestfey
File Detail: 1.1 MB / ZIP
Download Om-Nom Joywheel L1 (re-upload) - modsup.com
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