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Om-Nom ES Gaiasphere L1


Om-Nom ES Gaiasphere L1 for Cities Skylines.

L1 3×4 HDC based on Tom Martow’s vertical farm commercial.

“The Earthmother nourishes and wardens Life even in the densest urban sprawl.
Safety Helmets are handed out when taking food at the picnic tables… The impact-force of fruit falling from the rooftop has already been underestimated once and the lawsuit was very, very expensive…”

Disclaimer: Residential and commercial buildings of the Transitional Urban Agriculture collection (TUA) have mixed levels and are meant to be used together to give a city a conistent appearance.Some of the assets do not grow into the same thing, sadly. Working on that though. Help + Info appreciated. Please rate if you like!
Also, read the collections description if you want to know what’s the motivational roots of this asset.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Thokari, forestfey
File Detail: 810 KB / ZIP
Download Om-Nom ES Gaiasphere L1 - modsup.com

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