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Modern Home School: High School Updated


Modern Home School: High School Updated for Cities Skylines.

Updated: Modern Home School: High School by Populous

Welcome to Cities Skylines first set of Modern Home Schools. Before now, the only way to improve a school in Cities Skylines is to add more students, but then it is called a cheat… but home schools with social and educational connection to students have a significant presence in the US… and now Cities Skylines.

That said, we have to be realistic to keep this out of the cheat category so I have raised the required number of staff including 60 Well Educated teachers instead of 9 and five Highly Educated staff as Administration, Principle and Vise Principle to balance this out and now to have fun…

The Story Line:
In the High School Home School Program, parents and guardians take an active role in their students’ education by providing the primary delivery of academic instruction in the home. Credentialed teachers work with families to ensure curriculum meets Government Content Standards and to assess student achievement. Credentialed teachers help parents and students take advantage of a flexible instructional program, curriculum, enrichment services and other resources to enhance their home schooling experience.
Families commit to providing at least four to six hours of in-home instruction daily and we provide:

– A credentialed teacher who is available to ensure your curriculum meets Government standards
– Enrichment activities such as tutoring, lessons, classes, music, field trips, etc…
– Online Assistance 24/7 and including student curriculum, enroll in classes or events, grades, attendance, online community and more.
– A wide variety of courses available to the advanced to choose from including our Home School High School catalog Community college courses with approval from a Student counselor
– Field trips, picnics and other activities, with other home school students and families
– Support services including academic and career planning

Features and Costs:
– Cars will park at night and children play in back of the building (after school activities)
– After Dark Friendly
– Cim markers are set
– Faculty area in back of building
– Cost 1000
– Maintenance Cost 100 (City Oversight Expenses)
– Uneducated Workers 3
– Educated Workers 25
– Well Educated Workers 60
– Highly Educated Workers 5
– Improved Radius 1800 (Online Connections)
– Student Count 4500 (No Classroom)
– Small footprint building because most teachers and staff work from home

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