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Modern High School (Ploppable)


Modern High School (Ploppable) for Cities Skylines.

Modern High School

Are you tired of using the same old boring high school? Say no more!

This high school is more expensive, but it will also hold more students. Also, it’s pretty big (9×4) so you should try to place it before zoning unless you want to raze a whole block.


The stats are more or less 50% higher than vainilla High School ones. This one is still slightly more cost-effective.

Student capacity: 1500

Construction cost: ¢42,000
Upkeep: ¢816/week

Electricity: 1440KW
Water: 800m3

Highly educated workers: 8
Well educated workers: 23
Educated workers: 95
Uneducated workers: 30

For added realism, make sure the side with the pannels is pointing at the direction the sunlight comes from!

The model

-~2950 triangles
-1024×1024 texture
-Normal, specular, alpha, illumination and diffuse maps.
-Custom LOD model
-Based on a building from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


After all this time I finally found what was wrong with the custom LOD textures, and could fix them. Thanks a lot to Gula for telling me where the problem was!

Udated for After Dark!

Today something awesome happened to me. I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong with the LODs for ever!!!!!11one. But EXACTLY what I was doing wrong. I can’t express how happy I feel right now. Also, tbh imo CO should give a bit more of information about how LODs work because I found the solution in a completly random post on a completly random forum. Anyways, this building is updated finally, and I will soon update my other buildings.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): LucasK336
File Detail: 1.2 MB / ZIP
Download Modern High School (Ploppable) - modsup.com
Best Cities Skylines Mod portal; www.skylinesmods.com


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