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Little Chicago Pizza Co for Cities Skylines.

Who in the hell calls a flat piece of bread with cheese on it pizza? While those silly little Californians debate if they should put pineapples on Pizza (which you can, by the way), we here in the Windy City actually make the real deal… But sadly, you are not in Chicago to taste the deep-dish deliciousness of our famous pizza… NOT ANYMORE! Here at The Little Chicago Pizza Company (or as some call it “Little Chicago Pizza”), we bake our deep dishes pizzas in a fire-brick oven and serve it with the coldest beers in town… And appetizers too. In fact, we serve all sorts of great Chicago cuisine, so come on down!

This business is a level 2 shop that will appear on 2×2, 3×2, and 4×2 lots with parking in the rear.

Credit(s): Althazar
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