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Kinky’s Pole Dancing Bar


Kinky’s Pole Dancing Bar for Cities Skylines.

Pole Dancing Bar by KinkyPervyMind

I thought I would have a go at building a pole dancing bar, with the focus on being able to see inside of it, and hence doing away with windows for the time being.

It’s my first real attempt at a model and I used a combination of Sketchup / Blender / Photoshop to build it. I think the scale is just about right but might not be perfect.

I would have liked the legs on the sign to be animated (I’m not sure how to do that yet), and a mod to have allowed just adults inside or around the bar would have been great.

After Dark Ready – with seedy lighting added

Credit(s): KinkyPervyMind
File Detail: 3.3 MB / ZIP
Download Kinky’s Pole Dancing Bar - modsup.com

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