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Kentucky Fried Chicken


Kentucky Fried Chicken for Cities Skylines.

This is the Craftsman Colonel, and I’m here to present a rather new, or um, old take on a chicken establishment. Now your Cims who are living in cities with the JazzAge tile set on can enjoy some of my delicious chicken in my all American-Craftsman style establishment. This is a rather sentimental piece if you ask me, because it almost resembles the place where I first came up with my idea of tasty chicken… And got shot at… But never mind that, this lovely level 2 commercial building is where cims can try my new food ideas in an old time place… That isn’t that old.

KFC… It’s finger lickin’ good.

NOTE: Not an officially licensed product of YUM! Brands, brought to you in part by a non-hired colonel actor imposter. All rights reserved.

Building DOES NOT come with custom LOD due to low poly count.

Credit(s): Althazar
File Detail: 1.2 MB / ZIP
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