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Jubilee Sport Dealership Lv3 4×4


Jubilee Sport Dealership Lv3 4×4 for Cities Skylines.

Welcome to Jubilee Motors! You haven’t experienced sales harassment until you’ve stepped into one of our very friendly dealerships! We take “What can we do to put you in this car today?” to a whole new level!

This is our level 3 dealership. Don’t worry, we’ll be opening a dealership for you moms and pops, and even one for you poor schlubs! In the meantime, shoo! You can’t afford these!

This is a vanilla building, the plus is that it will *not* explode your computer since the props are also directly from the game. Be aware a large number of car props out there will make your game run like lead stuck in granite. It has been thoroughly redecorated with signs, bollards, cars, etc and is custom lit.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): MrMiyagi
File Detail: 1.1 MB / ZIP
Download Jubilee Sport Dealership Lv3 4×4 - modsup.com

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