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Highway Patrol


A highway patrol unit , with a integrated street. (Police)

Police Car Count 4
Police Department Accumulation 60
Police Department Radius 1400

Educated Workers 8
Highly Educated Workers 10
Uneducated Workers 2
Well Educated Workers 4

Feel free to use it! If you have any suggestions, wishes or ideas, leave it in the comment section.
I would appreciate it if someone creates police vehicles props or a realistic helicopter!
Leave a Like and i will create and share more police buildings in future.

**I try to make them as easy as possible to place in game, but it isn’t that easy, I apologize in advance.**

A huge THANKS to the props publisher!

Required Mod(s):

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): chouqlet
File Detail: 1 MB / ZIP
Download Highway Patrol - modsup.com
Best Cities Skylines Mod portal; www.skylinesmods.com


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