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H2C 3×3 Lackluster Lettings


H2C 3×3 Lackluster Lettings for Cities Skylines.

A level 2 3×3 High Density Commercial (extended front yard).

High poly: 1600 tris,
LOD: 140 tris.

Sorry, not a tall building this time! My aim is to make a reasonable collection of all sorts of buildings that make at least an OK futuristic theme together, but I also want them to look at home in the main game’s architectural population. So sometimes that means smaller buildings!

As with my previous building, load into asset editor > properties > materials, to change the color variations of the light bars!

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Whipplesnoodle
File Detail: 683 KB / ZIP
Download H2C 3×3 Lackluster Lettings - modsup.com
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