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Gekkoukan High Schoool V2


Gekkoukan High Schoool V2 for Cities Skylines.

This is a rebuild of my very first Cities Skylines Asset. Gekkoukan High School is from the JRPG franchise Persona, specifically Persona 3. My original model was based off the concept art found in the Persona 3 Art book, however anyone who has played the games and/or watched the movies would know that it wasn’t accurate to the final version. This model is based off the version that appears in the Movies/game. The reason this wasn’t just an update is because of how different the two models are, I didn’t want to risk accidentally bricking someones save.

Cost to build: 24,000
Upkeep: 560/week
Size: 14×10
Student Population: 1500

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): JSF-1
File Detail: 908 KB / ZIP
Download Gekkoukan High Schoool V2 - modsup.com

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