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Gaiashop L2


Gaiashop L2 for Cities Skylines.

L2 3×3 HDC growable contmod + custom props (?)

Disclaimer: Residential and commercial buildings of the Transitional Urban Agriculture collection (TUA) have mixed levels and are meant to be used together to give a city a conistent appearance.Some of the assets probably not grow into the same thing, sadly. Working on that though. Help + Info appreciated. Please rate if you like!
Also, read the collections description if you want to know what’s the motivational roots of this asset.

by forestfey

C-LOG: edit title, info +disclaimer. Please be patient, if I can’t tell by heart which asset features custom-props (plants!) or not. Might be easier to expect ALL of the TUA-assets do. Botanixx FTW!
C-LOG 2: Updated deprecated props and list of same. No more sunflowers, sorry!

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Thokari, forestfey
File Detail: 1 MB / ZIP
Download Gaiashop L2 - modsup.com

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