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Gaia Mall Deluxe L1


Gaia Mall Deluxe L1 for Cities Skylines.

lvl1 4×3 HDC contmod + custom props (?)

“The eco-living mall. It’s AS green on the insides. With waterfalls and birds, believe it or not.”

Disclaimer: Not all stats of the template assets used for the Transitional Urban Agriculture collection (TUA) are known (some custom models etc.). Residential and commercial buildings have mixed levels and are meant to be used together to give a city a conistent appearance.Some of the assets probably not grow into the same thing, sadly. Working on that though. Help + Info appreciated. Please rate if you like!
Also, read the collections description if you want to know what’s the motivational roots of this asset.

by forestfey

C-LOG: edit title, info+ disclaimer. Thx to Forkboy 22 for keeping that one under surveillance for proper classification!
C-LOG 2: updated props and list of same. Added spare lighting, the building itself is dark and I don’t want to remake the asset completely.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Thokari, forestfey
File Detail: 1.1 MB / ZIP
Download Gaia Mall Deluxe L1 - modsup.com

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