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Florista Florists for Cities Skylines.

A fabulous florists’ emporium to brighten up even the most boring commercial district. It comes in four tasteful colour variations. Complete with custom display stand prop, filled with colourful bouquets and gift-boxes. Be sure to download it too!

Designed for the European theme, this is my latest wall-to-wall ‘level 1’ high-density commercial building. If you want to use it in other themes, go ahead – use the new ‘European building enabler’ mod. I also recommend the ‘eye-dropper’ and ‘control building level-up’ tools, so you can copy-and-paste buildings like this wherever you need them, and keep them from upgrading in the future. This allows you to create rows of small, historic wall-to-wall commerical buildings, as seen in the pictures above.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): dazflint
File Detail: 233 KB / ZIP
Download Florista Florists - modsup.com
Best Cities Skylines Mod portal; www.skylinesmods.com


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