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Find your assets in game (very) quickly.

Basically a better Search Box mod with instantaneous results as you type.


– Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen or press Ctrl + F to open the search window
– Type some keywords
– Selected the desired item
– Profit

How it works

The mod scans all the assets and generate a database of tags based on the title, the description, the service and the author of the asset. During the search, a score is evaluated based on a comparison with the keywords typed and the asset tags. All assets with a score greater than zero are sorted and displayed into the list.

The mod also generate the missing thumbnails icons by rendering the main mesh of the asset. Big thanks to FrF for sharing his code generating all the icons variants (hovered, pressed, etc..).


The mod also replace the part of the UI that displays the items with a more efficient version. This can lead to incompatibilities with other mods.

Known incompatible/conflicting mods

– Search Box mod (I don’t think you will need it anymore)
– Extended Toolbar: mod don’t do anything
– More Flags: put German flag on some icons

Planned features

– Custom tags: set your own tags (local)
– Custom creator tags: words starting with # in the asset description will be considered as creator tags and therefor have a higher search score

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): SamsamTS
File Detail: 76 KB / ZIP
Download Find It! - modsup.com

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