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Evans Corner [2×4]


Evans Corner [2×4] for Cities Skylines.

A low-commercial corner building that adjoins the streetfront; designed to fit in seamlessly with 20th-century American storefronts. Perfect filler for Main Streets in smaller cities and towns.

Heavily inspired from a real building in Evanston, WY.

Evans Corner is my first ever asset and will lead my Main Street Americana collection, a collection of small storefront buildings based upon real-life examples of American 20th-century vernacular architecture. The goal is to allow players to create realistic historic districts, Main Streets and old-towns. Many, if not most, of the buildings in this collection would be classified as “filler” — but don’t let that dissuade you from fully appreciating them!

Asset Info
  • Growable + RICO Ready (Thumbnail only)
  • 2×4 Corner Plot
  • Low Commercial
  • Nightlights
  • Custom LOD
  • Very few props for maximum player customization
Model Info

Main Model

  • Tris: 397
  • 512×1024 diffuse
  • Includes n, i, s maps
  • Tris: 73
  • 256×512 diffuse
  • Includes i map
Credit(s): Exurbanite
File Detail: 1.2 MB / ZIP
Download Evans Corner [2×4] - modsup.com
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