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Denny’s for Cities Skylines.

America’s Diner is always open in Skylines! Your citizens living in the JazzAge tileset cities can now grab a Slam anytime in this Googie-inspired diner. This level 2 commercial building is always open and always has fresh coffee brewing to go with the breakfast at anytime of the day… Because clearly who goes to this place for anything else BUT breakfast? Maybe we should bring back that Hobbit inspired menu or something like that.

NOTE: Not an official product of Denny’s. All rights reserved. Anyone who orders something other than a breakfast item at Denny’s is probably seen in the same light as someone who orders something other than pancakes at IHOP or chicken at a steakhouse.

Building doesn’t have a custom-built LOD due to the low-poly construction.

Credit(s): Althazar
File Detail: 1.2 MB / ZIP
Download Denny’s - modsup.com
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