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Cuatro Triángulos Casino (Growable)


Cuatro Triángulos Casino (Growable) for Cities Skylines.

4×4 growable Casino

For some reason I really felt like making an OK looking building with as few triangles as possible. I know I could have gone with 3 triangles, but it just didn’t look right. So, here it is. It’s nothing special really, just a slightly flashy 4 sided pyramid. (which I accidentally put in the leisure category instead of tourism… is that a big deal?)

High poly 4 tris, 1024x diffuse, illumination, specular and bump maps
Low poly 4 tris, 256x diffuse, illumination and specular maps.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Whipplesnoodle
File Detail: 364 KB / ZIP
Download Cuatro Triángulos Casino (Growable) - modsup.com
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