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Century Hotel (Tourism)


Century Hotel (Tourism) Commercial Tourism for Cities Skylines.

This is an off shoot of the Breakwater Hotel I did. I figured that I already had the textures and uvw maps layed out, I might as well make a quick smaller and lighter version for people. I’m probably going to do some more too! This is a Tourism hotel and I do have plans to release the Breakwater Hotel as a tourism version as well now that there is a category for it on the workshop. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

1 Prop Requirement which you can sub to at the right hand side of the page.
4 color variations as shown above.
2×4 Land Plot

Main Model Tris = 2,739
1024×1024 Textures

Lod Tris = 72
256×256 Textures

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Matt Crux
File Detail: 982 KB / ZIP
Download Century Hotel (Tourism) - modsup.com

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