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Carl’s Jr. (As Carl’s Drive in BBQ)


Carl’s Jr. (As Carl’s Drive in BBQ) for Cities Skylines.

Look, I don’t know about you, but that Frank Fly charges too much for burgers. But I want to eat like I mean it.

Introducing the old but NEW Carl’s Jr. to the JazzAge tile set. This building is rather special as it comes with TWO buildings to satisfy your cims craving for burgers. While other guys are using flat pieces of wimpy meat to fill in their flat burgers, at Carl’s, we have our famous Six Dollar Burgers “Thickburgers” at an affordable price. The level 1 building is a burger stand, while the level 2 building is a full-on chain with bathrooms, fountains for free refills, and servers who bring food to the table… Were you looking for raunchy ads? Sorry, we fired that guy who let those things loose.

FUN FACT: When the original founders opened up the restaurant, the main place was known as “Carl’s Drive in Barbecue” while the smaller stands (that were originally hot-dog stands) were known as “Carl’s Jr.” The latter of the name stuck. Also, in the East Coast, they’re known as “Hardee’s” and they’ve always been calling the $6 Restaurant Burgers “thickburgers”.

NOTE: Not an official product of Carl’s Jr./Hardees. Properties belong to their rightful owners. Sold Oldsmobile may be found on the workshop, somewhere…

Does NOT include custom LODs.

Credit(s): Althazar
File Detail: 2.4 MB / ZIP
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