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Buffalo Grill [LDC Lvl 3]


Buffalo Grill [LDC Lvl 3] for Cities Skylines.

Buffalo Grill is a chain of steakhouses based in France, with over 328 outlets in Europe. Most of these outlets are located in France, but there are also branches in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium. It is a mass-market chain serving American-style steaks with some concessions to French tastes, such as a roquefort sauce option.

Optionnal assets :
– “Washingtonia Robusta Palm Tall” by Shroomblaze (Link on the right)

Game infos :
– 4×4
– Low density commercial
– Level 3

Technical infos :
– 3752 tris (Most of them because of the 3D logo on the roof, but that’s what make the building looks good)
– 1024×512 diffuse, specular and illumination textures
– Custom LOD with 194 tris and 256×128 diffuse texture.

Made with :
– Blender
– Paint dot NET

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Khopa
File Detail: 613 KB / ZIP
Download Buffalo Grill [LDC Lvl 3] - modsup.com

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