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Brooks Building (lvl 3 High Commercial Corner)


Brooks Building (lvl 3 High Commercial Corner) for Cities Skylines.

About the model 
The high commercial category in the workshop was in dire need of some love and I was looking for an excellent example of the chicago style for a modelling experiment. These seemed to fit both. Like you can see this has a lot of detail, with less than 3k faces and a 2048×512 texture.

This model has about 2943 tris and a 2048×512 texture, with a diffuse, shadow, normal, illumination, color and specularmap.This model has a custom LoD, which is about 44 tris with a 512×128 texture, with a diffuse, color, specular, and illumination map.

If you want this building added to your RICO buildings, add it in the settings menu, under growables. I recommend using the realistic population mod, this will calculate the amount of occupants in the building.

About the building 
The Brooks Building in Chicago was built in 1909–1910 in the Chicago School architectural style. An early example steel-framed skyscraper, the structure was commissioned by Peter Brooks and Shepard Brooks and designed by architects Holabird & Roche. The building was designated a Chicago Landmark on January 14, 1997. It was also determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places on October 8, 1982.


This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Darf
File Detail: 1.4 MB / ZIP
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