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Blockbuster Video for Cities Skylines.

This one was requested a lot, I guess you guys have nostalgia for renting movies. Or when you saw this strip mall collection you immediately thought “Blockbusters used to be in every shopping plaza!” Blockbuster Video was a movie and game rental service that started in Dallas, Texas in 1985 and was headquartered in Meridian, Colorado. They had their peak in 2004. Faster movie services brought the company down then was finally bought by Dish Network. Nowadays there are about 50 Blockbuster locations still living strong I hope. At least new virtual Blockbuster stores will be opening if you subscribe and use.

Part of Riverpark Shopping Center Volume Four
This asset is a corner piece for the Riverpark Shopping Center.

Includes sign prop. Found in the Billboards tab when using More Beautification mod. If you have a search mod just search “Riverpark.”

RICO Enabled
Size: 2×4
Level 2 Commercial
Custom LOD

by Cristolisto

Credit(s): Cristolisto
File Detail: 1.3 MB / ZIP
Download Blockbuster Video - modsup.com
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