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American “1910” : The Madison Building


American “1910” : The Madison Building for Cities Skylines.

The American “1910” collection will bring together high density commercial I will do.

WARNING ! This is an old building, one of the first I did. The polycount is ok, but the file is heavy : 8,7 mo, so between two and three usual buildings.

A medium american commercial building – Level 2 – High density – 2×3 or 2×4.

The main model is 2221 triangles, 1499 edges, 536 faces ; the LOD is 56 triangles.
Main Model with specular, normal, illumination, colormap and diffuse ; LOD with specular, alpha, colormap, illumination and diffuse. All texture maps are in JPEG. 2048×2048 for the main model ; 256 x 256 for the LOD model.

Prop randomizer mod for more diversity.

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): Attercap
File Detail: 4 MB / ZIP
Download American “1910” : The Madison Building - modsup.com
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