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Albert Heijn (Growable, 4×4)


Albert Heijn (Growable, 4×4) for Cities Skylines.

Ploppable supermarket

Includes hangout zones for pedestrians, parking marks and steam coming from the chimneys.


Type: Commercial
Level: L2
Base: 4×4

Construction time: 30

Color: 0
Ground Offset 0
First Height 4
Other Height 4.3
Floor Count 8.3

The object has all maps, except an illumination map.

Verts: 2573
Faces: 2301
Tris: 2955

The roof has a texture problem I was only able to minimize but not get rid off in total. I played around with it for three days but wasn’t able to solve the problem; sadly I could of done two new ones in the same amount of time; anyhow I thought I’d share it anyway; just for the time i invested.

I am everything else than a pro and just enjoy creating these for public use; so don’t expect this to be the “poonz”. ;]

This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): BumpaNiggl
File Detail: 4.4 MB / ZIP
Download Albert Heijn (Growable, 4×4) - modsup.com

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