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76 Travel Stop for Cities Skylines.

Introducing the branded retail line in the JazzAge building set! Because you can’t escape the commercialism! Well, more like your cities really need help in their commercial sectors.

Anyway, the 76 fuel line is here to be on the driver’s side. The people at 76 know that the local gas stations are rather shady and have offered to help out by providing not one, but TWO buildings to you. You have a small gas station for level one and a complete travel stop with repair shop at level 2. Your cims will look forward to spotting the ever familiar ball of 76 and know for sure they’re getting the best gas possible.

NOTE: Not an officially licensed product of 76. Brand belongs to its original owners.

Models do NOT come with custom LODs.

Credit(s): Althazar
File Detail: 2.5 MB / ZIP
Download 76 Travel Stop - modsup.com
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