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3×2 Kyoto Block #7 (Lv2 HD.Comm)


3×2 Kyoto Block #7 (Lv2 HD.Comm) for Cities Skylines.

Two small buildings in one lot- A domino’s pizza & a generic office, great for using as ‘fillers’. The domino’s model is based off a mcdonalds and the office is just some random building i picked, both within kyoto city of course.

This will be the last growable building of my kyoto block series, as I have planned on making more challenging stuff in the future such as some old buildings in Boston or huge pagodas from China. Before that however I still have two more service buildings to complete this series: a small medical center & an inner city music academy(or firehouse, not decided yet), andddd prooobably improve my first 3 buildings before I make it into a collection.

– Level 2 Growable High Density Commercial, 3×2 lot.
– Model Tris: 878. 1024 x 512 Diffuse, Alpha, Normals, Specular, Illumination.
– LOD Tris: 124. 256 x 128 Diffuse & Illumination.
– Rico compatible. Just find it under HD commercial in your rico settings panel.

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This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): BachToBaroque
File Detail: 567 KB / ZIP
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