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2×1 Kyoto Block #5 (Lv1 HD.Comm)


2×1 Kyoto Block #5 (Lv1 HD.Comm) for Cities Skylines.

Here you go, a building that actually relates to the title 😛
This was orginally intended for a corner-lot but I can’t get it to work properly, frustration caught up & I decided to screw that & just make it a regular 2×1 lot. I suggest you treat these as corner fillers so that the back-side(concrete) is adjacent with another building of similar size, or you could do whatever you want with it.

– 2 x 1 Level 1 High Density Commercial
– Main model: 756 Tris. 1024 x 512 Diffuse, Normals, Alpha, Specular, Illumination.
– LOD: 64 Tris. 256 x 256 Diffuse & Illumination.
– Find this under High Commercial in RICO settings panel if you want it RICO enabled.
– Model based on various buildigns in Kyoto city.
– If you’re wondering what the Japanese words on the left says it’s ‘Building76’.
– Soft Bank’s mascot is too darn cute.

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This Mod Steam Link Credit(s): BachToBaroque
File Detail: 618 KB / ZIP
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